“Love me, Love my hair” เพื่อผมนุ่ม มีน้ำหนัก จัดทรงง่าย


“Love me, Love my hair”
for soft
, voluminous, easy to style hair. For your hair to be smooth, voluminous, andeasy to style.

Tired of damaged hair? Easily solved with silk cocoons
and keratin, leave-in hair serum, fragrance-free, non-greasy Bored with damaged hair? just simple add silk and keratin,super essential nutrients for hair, Akira is leave-on serum with significant scent, lightweight, and no need to rinse out.

1. Akira Hair Leave-on Serum Hair Leave-on Serum 300 ml., 2 pieces. Hair serum. for easy hair style do not rinse

(Akira Hair Leaf-On Serum 300 ml. 2 bottles of hair serum, easy to shape, no need to wash)

2. Souvenirs from C-Nun New, a stylish cloth bag, large capacity, minimal, pleasing to the eye, size 43×33 cm.

(special gift from ZeeNuNew-Canvas Bag, screened graphic by ZeeNuNew, size 43 x 33 cm.)

3. 3 Special Photo Cards from C-Nun New, Collection A

(3 photo cards of ZeeNuNew (collection A))

4. Free Postcards Collection Special (only the first 200 sets)

(Free 3 exclusive collection postcards from ZeeNuNew (only the first 200 premium sets))

Note: Premium set It will be delivered from Monday, September 7, 2021.
Remark: Premium Set will be delivered from September 7, 2021 onwards.

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