International Shipping Fee


International Shipping Fee :

1. International Shipping Fee is THB 1,100 / premium set

2. In case more than 1 premium set has been purchased, please kindly specify number of delivery in accordance with number of premium set purchased (e.g 3 premium were purchased, number of Shipping Fee is 3)

3. This International Shipping Fee is applied for delivery to China, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan by EMS of Thailand Post

4. After this shipping fee has been paid, please kindly capture the receipt and send to our staff via Line Chat @labsociety includes order no. of purchased premium set.

International Shipping Fee is charged set by set, as the fee would be cheaper in comparison to sending together in bigger package, as well as concern of import quota of number of product in each box. However, we do not guarantee success of delivery to any international destination due to limited information of local regulation.